Launching January 1st of 2013 Digital Environment Solutions is a totally inclusive 3D design outsourcing firm focusing on Design Visualization, High Resolution 3d Modeling, Production Pipeline Management and personalized training course for companies needing industry level content and input at private sector prices.

Personalized Online Training solutions.

Services include one on one remote and in person training for premium 3D content creation.  All classes are personalized and all content generated is owned by the student and companies Who receive the training.  No information created in the private training session will be made public because all training is design on the individual level.  

Freelance Design and High Resolution Model Creation


Freelance Art is available when needed.  My experiences include work done with Microsoft, Blizzard Cinematics, Activision, Wideload Games, Midway Games, and others.  High Resolution Modeling services are fast and direct with bids averaging one to weeks depending on client needs.   

Production Pipeline Planning

Services include team to team interaction, locating and providing actionable items for pipeline improvement, cost analysis and cost reduction, reduction of iteration time, and reduction in over-time load, all facilitated through proven production practices catered to your companies needs.  


I am also available for lectures and live demonstrations.  Please use the contact form below to get more information.  

For Information including pricing please fill out the forum below.  You should receive contact within 1-3 business days 

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